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Hummus from Scratch

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hum •mus
[hoo m-uh s]
A Middle Eastern word that translates to ‘chick-pea’ in English. A dip made of chickpeas mashed with oil, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini and usually eaten with pita.

Here at Sayat Nova we have been making the same traditional hummus recipe since 1965. There aren’t many restaurants in the city of Chicago that have had their doors open this long, let alone serve up the same dish for close to 5 decades. Our way of preparing hummus is the most authentic way one can prepare this traditional Middle Eastern Mezza item. To make your hummus truly from scratch, we believe you MUST start with fresh dried chick peas…it’s the only way to get the creamy consistency & distinctive flavor so few are able to achieve. So with the New Year in full swing, we’ve decided to share our hummus secrets with the world.

Sayat Nova Hummus

2 Cups Dried Chick Peas
Pinch of Baking Soda
1 tsp. Salt
2-3 Tbs Tahini Paste
2-3 Cloves of Garlic
¼ Cup Lemon Juice

First you must start by making your soaking solution, which consists of 4 Cups of Water, 1 Tsp. of Salt and a pinch Baking Soda. Put your chick peas in the solution, cover and let sit overnight.

soaked chick peas

When you are ready to make your hummus, drain the chick peas, place in a pot and cover with plenty of water. Boil the chick peas on Medium Low heat for about 2 hours. Keep watch over your chick peas, as they boil the chick peas will create a starchy foam that you must skim off periodically. When they are done, drain and let them cool before you begin to mix in your other ingredients.
In a food processor puree the chick peas until they create a paste. Transfer to a bowl and mix in the rest of your ingredients and salt to taste. Then the most important step for creating the creamiest most delicious hummus you’ve ever made! In small batches add your almost complete hummus back into the food processor and blend until super smooth and creamy. That’s it!
We like to top our hummus in the restaurant with Parsley, Paprika and Extra Virgin Olive Oil; however, you can use a variety of spices you may like to top this traditional dish, such as, Cumin, Cayenne and Toasted Pine Nuts. Just serve up with some fresh warm Pita Bread or even fresh veggies like carrots & celery, and you’ve got an Authentic Armenian appetizer to serve to family and friends.

Hummus with Pita 3